SAD Purpose


Welcome to my brand new blog “Systematically Alienated Dad” (SAD). I have been considering starting a blog for some time now, and I finally feel that the right time has arrived. I have many goals that I hope to achieve with this blog, and hopefully some of my thoughts and experiences will help you through any hard times that you may be going through too. Some reasons for this blog include: raising awareness, blowing off steam, historical log, develop my writing skills, and building  network to defeat the corrupt family law system that is currently in place. I intend to post weekly; however, the frequency of my posts, in the long run, may depend on the level of interest.


Most readers, primarily those whom have never had the pleasure of doing business in family court, are probably wondering what a SAD is. We will explore this phenomenon in many future posts, I suspect, but to get the initial idea, a SAD is a fit and willing parent who was scammed and defeated by a vindictive parent, and a greedy government. The general public is largely unaware of the Social Security Act Title 4 D and E. As a starting point, I encourage readers to research Title 4 D and E. We will discuss the pros and cons along with potential implications of awarding incentives for states to choose winners and losers for custody. I hope that this blog will create greater awareness of the harm that the family court is doing to our community, state, and country. I will call them like I see them. I will be as specific as possible and unafraid to name names. Maybe one guy with a keyboard can lead change and make a difference. Ultimately, I will rely on the audience for feedback, and success will depend on your willingness to share these ideas.


Since my children were unjustly taken from me (I will share some background in my future posts), I have a lot of free time. My ex-wife has taken my children 2000 miles away from me, and has not attended a court date in months. I, however, am still fighting for some resemblance of fairness from the Leavenworth County Court and Judge Dan K. Wiley. The ongoing extreme stress of this process has caused me numerous health issues both physical and mental. Basically, I go to work, eat, and sleep. I recognize this as depression. I am hoping that writing will serve as a catalyst to break this damning routine. My hope is that by putting my frustrations on paper, I will be able to let go of, at least some, of my animosity. By blowing off steam here, perhaps I will sleep better.


Realizing that some of the reasons for this blog are quite selfish, I do feel as though these incidents should be captured for reasons of posterity. I hope that ten years from now, when people find this blog in the archives, they will think that this is the most ridiculous thing they have ever heard of. Why would parents not have equal rights to their children? If that sounds like civil rights language, that is because this is undoubtedly a civil rights issue. To be certain, I did not set out to be an activist, but unfair circumstances have indeed made me one.


While I did not set out to be an activist, I do have dreams. Since I was, maybe, 12 years old I have wanted to be a writer. The idea that I could create something that may survive decades or even centuries past my life intrigues and motivates me. Please do not make the assumption that I am a good writer.  There is a reason that I am not famous; probably many reasons. I have random ideas that I believe could be developed into something special, but I lack the discipline and authority to make the needed connections. Plus, you will quickly realize that I can barely spell. J My hope is that I can use this experience as a tool to develop to the next level as a writer. I welcome your feedback and suggestions on my shortcomings and writing style.


Lastly, for now, I want to build a support network for the millions of parents going through similar situations. I want every parent to know that they are not alone. You are not crazy. This is not the twilight zone, although it seems like it sometimes. This is the real world. These injustices are happening. Yes, your ex may be a bad person, but the real enemy is the system which empowers them. There is a better way. Americans are waking up, and I believe that equality and justice are in sight.  We must stick together. We must remain vigilant. We will overcome and create a better future for our children. My son will not endure the same fate as his father. This is my goal.


I look forward, as much as possible given the nature of our circumstances, to our journey. Together we will solve the problem, and cure this epidemic. Please feel free to reach out to me in any manner for anything. This is why I am here. This is the purpose of this blog. In hopes that some day no one will be SAD.



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