Family Court Judge The SAD King

You must feel quite powerful

Sitting up there on your throne

But with power comes responsibility

And your corruption must be known


Playing God with your orders

Pitting husbands against wives

All for the mighty dollar

You destroy children’s lives


You refuse simple logic

Or to do what is ethically right

Your misdeeds know no bounds

How do you sleep at night


Change is coming

What will you do

When there’s an equal presumption

And the parents can’t sue


We will end your tricks

We see through your lie

No more custody battles

Or motions to modify


We will stand together

Because we realize that the enemy is you

Without your impunity

There’s nothing you can do


We want our children

And we won’t give in

No one can lose

If no one can win


With equal parenting

There will be no fight

Kids need both parents

Do what is right.


You shouldn’t feel so powerful

Sitting up there on your throne

The corruption is coming to an end

Because the seeds of truth have been sown.


One thought on “Family Court Judge The SAD King

  1. Like the power in it, hope the reform is coming.
    I had equal custody until my ex got a part time job at a completely different school than the custody investigator recommended…….

    I’m in for organizing against the monster that is family court!

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