Pam Burton Update

To catch some of you up, I paid Pam Burton a $1500 retainer to write and present a Motion to Modify. She blew the retainer, and withdrew from my case. The judge did not even consult me. I have been trying for weeks to retrieve my case file from her, at minimum. I even filed a complaint with the Kansas Bar.

Today I walked into her office to demand my file. The secretary informed me that Pam has been on a medical leave of absence for at least two weeks. Never believe a lawyer, not even your own. I guess no one is monitoring her email? I told the secretary it was an urgent matter, and I needed the file this week. Pam’s assistant then informed the secretary that my file would be ready to pick up tomorrow any time after 10am.

I intend to retrieve the file, and then pursue the refund. This sort of deceit will not be tolerated.

I also received a letter from the Kansas Bar today notifying me that an investigation has been launched into this matter. I assume she will be off of the hook if I get the file tomorrow.


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