SAD Resistance

(Typing this on my phone while on the road, excuse typos) 

Well, i held out as long as i could. Once again, I’ve given my ex every opportunity to be fair and do what is right. Again, she has refused. I could not bare the thought of not seeing my children for 7 months. I went ahead and purchased the return flights.

While this isnt surprising, it is interesting. Once she realized that the prices for the weekend tickets would have been close to $1500, she suggested i buy the tickets on Wednesday, at a far reduced price. Had i suggested that, i do not believe that she would have allowed it.

The good news is, i will see my children in 8 days. I will have them for almost 10 days. The bad news is, after apring break i will be completely out of annual leave. This obviously is unsustainable. The summer may be boring, but i will just keep taking one day at a time.

Have a great weekend!


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