SAD Reality

I’m halfway back to Kansas. My brother is zipping along somewhere down I24 westbound. This provides me with a little time to reflect on the weekends events. This weekend was the beginning of a special relationship, and the end of another.

I had a nice weekend visiting family and attending my cousins wedding.i cracked a lot of runaway bride and grooms cold feet jokes, but i am sincerely happy and excited for them. They grew up and went to school together, and have been dating for almost a decade. My advice, keep dating  They have built a strong and trusting foundation, and i have no reason to believe they would ever contribute to another SAD statistic. It was the first wedding that i’ve attended since my divorce, and i think that it was good for me.

On a SADder note, my uncle passed away this weekend too. Hours before the wedding, my family made the decision to remove his life support, and about 5 minutes later he passed. He fought many health issues for many years and i am happy that he can rest easy now. We will carry his pain and little further and then set it down and celebrate his life and accomplishments. I wish i could have stayed until Friday for his service, but i will be there in spirit.

The SAD reality is that life is short and fragile. We should expend most of our energy doing all that we can to love one another. I can never recall anyone saying a bad word about either my cousin who just married, or my uncle who passed. I wish i could say the same about myself. 

 I have said in the past that i no longer believe in marriage, but that is not what i mean verbatium. I believe in love. I believe in the sanctity of love. I DO NOT believe in making love legal or illegal. The government should not be involved in relationships, and can only serve to corrupt the process. As i think about it, marriage may serve as the most extreme perversion of church and state. It is allowed because it is an easy way to control people. Think about it, churches even refer to congregations as their flock, implying that they are sheep. It has different meaning religiously, but to the government “hey, we like sheep.” So how does the government become the shepard, the regulate marriage, and it thereby remove most sanctity.

So, my call to action, is to get the government out of marriage. Love is our God-given or inherent right. The only thing that government loves is control and money.


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