Federal Funding for….

I drive by it every day. It taunts me from only a block away. The biggest, fanciest, newest, most well maintained, and most secure (other than the prison, I assume) building in Leavenworth County. It isn’t the library. It’s not a school. The nicest structure, by far, in Leavenworth County is the court house. One can assume that the court house, laughably called the “Justice Center”, has the nicest facilities because it generates the most revenue. When did revenue generation become the function of government?

When our grandparents were children, the court in most towns the size of Leavenworth, was held in a back room at the jailhouse; twice a week. That was when the primary purpose of the court was to enact justice. Now the primary purpose of the court is to create the largest revenue stream possible for the county and the state. I doubt that the Leavenworth Family Court has ever even written the word justice in finding, or an order. Judges are more concerned with meeting quotas than finding justice and ensuring fairness. Meeting quotas often mean big bonuses for judges.

Perhaps these injustices would be easier to stomach if it were transparent what the revenue was funding. Where do these federal incentives go? Are they used to fund libraries and schools? Probably not. Federal incentives are used to expand government, and welfare programs in order to tighten its control over citizens.

Compare your own court house to other government buildings. Then ask yourself, should a building that is used to extort its citizens be nicer than one that serves to develop and enlighten?


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