SAD Conspiracy

What if the state of Kansas is trying to kill me? How is that for a conspiracy theory? It’s ok, roll your eyes, but read on, if for nothing more than entertainment. I wish that I could say that the thought has never crossed my mind, but I have an active imagination.

Let’s look at the facts. We know that alienated parents are committing suicide at an unprecedented and sickening rate. While it is SAD that the government and alienating parents would push a parent to this extreme, it also doesn’t make sense, at first glance. If a support paying parent kills himself, both the state and parent will lose that support, right? Not so fast. If the custodial parent loses support from the non-custodial, she is then eligible for support from the state. You guessed it, in return the state earns more federal incentives. It’s not a such a bad deal for the state. They no longer even have to invest court time.

Now, let’s look at my situation, which is a little different. If I die, my ex gets my disability pension, at least until the kids become adults. Why wouldn’t she do everything in her power to push me to that limit? If I die, then instead of receiving $2200 a month from me she would receive $3400 from the VA. Additionally, not only may Kansas acquire control over distribution of my pension, which would be matched for title 4 D dollars, but they would also likely provide state support which would also be matched for incentive.

So, I have to ask myself, is it that crazy to think that they could collaborate to hatch such a crazy scheme? My pension, over the course of my life, is worth close to $10M. I am only one of thousands of disabled veterans going through this. The number becomes astronomical quickly.

Yes, it’s a conspiracy theory, but maybe it’s not as crazy as it sounds.


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