SAD Disneyland Dad

Apologies for my absence. I have had my children for the last 10 days, and have been spending every moment of it making memories.

Because I have been alienated 2000 miles away from my children, it appears that I spend a lot of money on them. When they come to town I try to plan special events, and take them on adventures. The alienating parent will try to use this as evidence for greater financial support. My ex mentions it every time I make a reasonable request. “Well, since you can take the kids everywhere and buy things they don’t need,” are typical general statements. They are either so short sighted they cannot see the truth or may be truly that delusioned.

In my situation, she has been allowed to move my children 2000 miles away. I miss out on a lot. I don’t get to be a part of important and every day memories. I don’t get to attend school functions or even pick the kids up from the bus stop. I don’t get to take my daughter to taekwondo. I have missed my sons entire soccer season and most of his basketball season already. In short, we do not get to make memories.

Enter my short and infrequent visitations. I get my kids in 10 day bursts, thusfar. I have missed out on being a part of so many memories that I feel the need to make as many quality ones as I can in my short visits. Travel alone, to get my children to Kansas, has cost me over $1000 per trip so far. The memories that we have made have been far more costly, but it is worth it. If they came to visit and we just sat here and watched movies, they would likely have no memories of me in their childhood. I will not do that to them. I will not let that happen to me. We will make the best of our situation every time and a big part of that will be making memories.

So, I may not even know when they will come to Kansas this summer, but I will start planning our adventures. This summer will be so great that they will forget that Oregon even exists.


One thought on “SAD Disneyland Dad

  1. I’ve had family members that have gone through the same thing. The best thing to do s be the best dad possible. In Atlanta there is a cell phone company that offers flat rate plans where you could actually talk to your kids and see them on FaceTime. The bill is around 30.00 a month. That may not be an option for you, but may be Skype or something so that you can see them. There is also Google Hangouts. It’s free and you can talk to your kids and see them.

    Do all that you can and never ever bad mouth their mom to them. As they get older they will recognized the rational parent on their own. Time flies by so fast, they”ll one day be old enough to decide where they want to live. In some states kids can request the parent they want to live with. Although I don’t think its fair for any parent to move far away . Both parents should be able to see the kids regularly as long as you are a fit parent.
    Take plenty of photos with you in the shot. Memories are very important.

    God bless you


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