Disneyland Dad

Disneyland Dad

A Disneyland Dad is a product of the current system that forces one parent from being a meaningful impact on their child’s life. This is usually, though not always, the father. There are definitely, Disneyland moms as well.

A Disneyland Dad is basically a dad who is forced into being a “visitor” to his children.

Typically a Disneyland Dad only sees his children 4 days a month through court order and in their “best interest”.

The time with his children is so limited that he tries to make the most of it by making memories through planned events if possible.

Going to the water park, a shopping spree, an amusement park, Disneyland or whatever.

Every visit by the children is an “event”.

Your time so limited and your desire to have a good time and “make memories”, to see smiles on their faces and make the most of your time so the weekends are filled with as much “fun” activity as you can possible fit in or afford. It may have nothing to do with money at all for many dads that cannot afford “events”. But this does not stop them from being Disneyland Dads. These dads may allow the kids to stay up all night without a bedtime or it might include having ice cream for breakfast every morning.

2 days go by very quickly and then it is 2 long weeks again until you see them again.

You are not part of their daily routine. You don’t help them get ready in the morning. You don’t help them nightly with their homework, or have dinner with them and discuss their day, you don’t enforce their bedtime or tuck them in at night.

A Disneyland dad misses the important things in life with his children, the every day connection that is so important for maintaining a parent/child relationship.

A Disneyland dad is more like a grandparents relationship

We all know how grandparents are always spoiling their grandchildren.

A Disneyland dad does the same. The word “No” is not something kids hear out of a Disneyland Dad very often.

Because you are forced to not see your children often; when you do see them you try to make those days as much fun and smile filled as possible, like “Disneyland” for them.

We live in a society that does not value dads. Dads are second to mom, and when a separation occurs, we far to often marginalize fathers and push them to the side, we force them to be visitors in the lives of their own children.

If you believe dads matter…

Join us at The Fathers’ Rights Movement of you support Equality in parenting.


Thomas Fidler


2 thoughts on “Disneyland Dad

  1. I believe good dads matter. I don’t mean that in a male bashing way. There’re so many terrible dads as there are terrible moms too. However, the system has mainly hurt dads when it comes to visitation rights. I wanted to become a lawyer to help enforce the rights of dads. Yet it is a lot more that entails being a lawyer and my current life isn’t conducive to becoming one. I still hope and pray things would get better for dads. Since I didn’t become a lawyer, I thought I could join a local Father’s rights advocacy group, but no one ever contacted me. I guess I needed to be a dad to support the cause. However, there are moms and women that believe dads matter. I’m one of them and that’s why I’ve always been drawn to your blog. I want my voice to be heard. I’m not like all of them …the stereotype is real!


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