This blog is born from the unfortunate and deliberate demise of my family. The Leavenworth Count Family Court made a mockery of due process and infringed upon my constitutional rights. I am well aware that this nightmare isn’t only happening to me. It is happening to thousands of parents across the state of Kansas, and millions across our nation.

I will use this blog in an attempt to deconstruct the corruption of family court. It begins with the Social Security Act Title 4 D which provides federal funds for managing support payments. Essentially, this provides the state with incentives to assign custody to one parent over the other, even when both parents are fit.

I hope that you like my blog. Please feel free to like and comment on anything that speaks to you. I will do my best to respond to all comments. Please share these entries across social media so that we can create awareness, and fix this broken system; our children deserve better.