SAD Resistance

(Typing this on my phone while on the road, excuse typos) 

Well, i held out as long as i could. Once again, I’ve given my ex every opportunity to be fair and do what is right. Again, she has refused. I could not bare the thought of not seeing my children for 7 months. I went ahead and purchased the return flights.

While this isnt surprising, it is interesting. Once she realized that the prices for the weekend tickets would have been close to $1500, she suggested i buy the tickets on Wednesday, at a far reduced price. Had i suggested that, i do not believe that she would have allowed it.

The good news is, i will see my children in 8 days. I will have them for almost 10 days. The bad news is, after apring break i will be completely out of annual leave. This obviously is unsustainable. The summer may be boring, but i will just keep taking one day at a time.

Have a great weekend!


The SAD Social Experiment

The government is conducting experiments on my children without parental consent. That sentence likely elicited some emotion from you. It should have anyway. Perhaps some readers immediately recalled pre and post WWII eugenics experiments. Some imagined their own children sitting in a sterile room with wires connect to them. These are pretty scary scenarios, indeed. The government passed laws decades ago barring unethical experiments on children, and put into place special protection and procedures. Knowing this, begs the questions, why are family courts allowed to conduct social experiments on children with zero expertise of oversight?

During my last 16 years with the Army I have watched the military conduct large scale social experiments. I would argue that some are worthwhile, but some are quite dangerous. Immediately, the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” comes to mind. This bill allowed homosexuals to openly serve in the military. I believe that it was a good measure, and promotes equality. Equally as important, it set a standard for the rest of the country to follow, and many states quickly followed suit, allowing equal marital rights. The major difference, between this experiment and the ones being conducted on our children, is that adults are aware. Adults have a choice. Adults can fight back. Children merely notice a whirlwind of changes. Children are unable to completely understand why daddy can’t see them more. They don’t understand why mommy insists on moving 2000 miles away. Believe me when I say, these actions are taken advantage of, both by the government, and by alienating parents. To experiment, even socially, on children is ethically and morally irresponsible. (I know that you are waiting for me to explain dangerous military social experiments, but you will just have to use your imagination.)

If the government can openly conduct experiments, even on children, what message does that send to its citizens, and what does it say for our culture? Family courts do not have licensed psychologists on staff who access each situation. Judges certainly are not required to, and do not have any training or education in child psychology. How then, do judges assess what is in the best interest of the children, as they say? In my case, Judge Wiley stated that the mother did not have any emotional support here (Kansas). How could he know that? I could easily argue that she had PLENTY of emotional support in Kansas (while I was at work and school mostly). Why didn’t the judge mention my lack of emotional support in Oregon? What about the immense emotional support that my children lost by moving 2000 miles away from me? This is in the best interest of the children, right?

WRONG. These social experiments only serve the best interest of the state and bar associations. Citizens are beginning to realize how miserably these experiments are failing. Psychologists are expressing dire concerns over the extreme negative impact this corruption is causing innocent children. What impact will these injustices have on our next generation? The statistics are already staggering. Over 200 children lose contact with their father every day in court. One in three children live without their biological father. 40% of children are being raised without a father. 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. There is a trend here.

If the government insists on conducting social experiments on our children, they should be for equality, not for profit.


Pam Burtons’ billable hours

Well, I mustarded the courage to look through the file Burton finally released to me yesterday. There is no work in the file whatsoever. The file consists entirely of documents filed with the court before her time, current financial documents which I provided her, and emails with my ex-wife’s attorney. There is not even a rough draft of a motion to modify. There is no updated financial affidavit, or any indication that she had started one. Her bill indicates that she had spent roughly 4 hours working on putting together the motion and affidavit. Where is it Mrs. Burton?

Welcome to Family Court 101: Billable Hours.

SAD Attempt

When I arrived at work this morning at 0730, the very first thing I did was set my latest divorce file on my desk. For the last 2 hours I have been staring at it, or vice versa. I know that I need to go through it. See what is in there. Is there anything of substance? More importantly, I need to start writing some new motions. Fight the emotions and write the motions….yeah, even my humor sucks today. I lack the courage.

I guess after 3 years I am losing the will to fight. It all seems quite pointless. The most I can hope for are some minor changes. The more enlightened I become, by and about this process, the more I want nothing to do with it. I would be happy to see the entire system burn to the ground. I would be happy to see the judge hanged. I would be thrilled to see the lawyers, who are driving the pain of so many, locked away.

Yes, I am bitter. I am angry. At this point, I am really more defeated than anything. What do you do when the system that is supposed to be designed to protect you, has now become your worst enemy? What would you do if you received no justice, on any level, in over 3 years? Would you take matters into your own hands? If you enacted your own justice would you indeed be justified? Would it all be worth it?

Change comes slowly, I have been told repeatedly that I have to play the long game. Wait it out. The laws will change. She will screw up. Ok, when? I cant get this time back. My son is about to lose his first tooth. I should be chasing him with a hammer and a pair of pliers. I cannot wait.

I will open the file. Hopefully I will find something useful. I will write the motions. I will go to court. I will leave disappointed and angry. It’s a vicious cycle. Its a corrupt cycle. At some point we will be JUSTIFIED.

File Update

I finally got my file from Pam Burton’s office today. They made me sign for it. I suppose so they will be off of the hook with the Kansas Bar. I will dive into it tomorrow to see what is actually in the file. I appears surprisingly large. Fingers crossed.

Plot, Plan, and Prepare to be SAD

No matter the duration between your decision to divorce and taking action, it all becomes a blur. If you ever had any feelings for your partner, it is easy to get bogged down in constant distraction of the process. If I had it to do over again I would do everything differently. As soon as you make the decision to divorce you should immediately begin to strategize. Luck favors the prepared. Consider the following strategy process which I call Plot, Plan, and Prepare.

If the term Plot sounds shady, it is. Like it or not this is the hand that you will be dealt. The second the big “D word” rears its ugly head you should start plotting. Regardless if your partner is plotting or not, especially if you are a man, the system is plotting against you. Plotting refers to a great many things and can serve as a catch all. It is merely a process to slow you down, and to help you think about the second and third order of effects of your actions. What will happen if I do this? When do I need to do that? The example I have heard a lot about, and I wish I had done, is unloading assets. Selling your jet ski to your best friend, or someone you trust, for $1. Although the court provided temporary orders not to damage or sell any of our property, my ex-wife pawned her $30K ring and sold our $3000 dining set. The court did nothing to acknowledge or punish her behavior and actions. Anything left on the table will be up for grabs, and you can guess who will get the bigger grab. This includes your children.

The old military adage is that no plan survives the line of departure. Given conditions set by the court, forming a plan might seem pointless. While the plan might change daily, the process of planning will prove valuable. I recommend starting the plan with your spouse if things are still amicable. Do it now because chances are, they won’t remain that way. Even if it feels fake, start talking about what is in the best interest of the kids. Believe it or not, the court does not have the best interest of your children in mind. Set expectations early on for parenting time. What would fair look like? How can we ensure that the parenting plan is fair to all parties? That is not to say it will last. During our temporary orders parenting time was split 53% to 47%, but in the permanent orders it ended up 90% to 10%. If I had any idea that the court would skew the parenting plan so horribly I would have planned, and prepared better.

Most of us have heard of Murphy’s Law, that if something can go wrong, it will. Part of Murphy’s Law entails hoping for the best, but prepare for the worst. Yes, there is a lot of overlap between plot, plan, and prepare. Hopefully looking at things three different times from three different perspectives will enable you to see more, and clearly. In the prepare stage there are things that you can do and control, especially early on. Get your finances in order. The day you pull the trigger and file for divorce close your joint bank account. Any support payments that you make to your spouse between filing and temporary orders, pay with a check and clearly mark that it is a support payment. Lawyers will try to claim that it was a gift. These are the type of things that you can easily prepare for.

Ultimately, the way the system is rigged, much of what happens, you will have very little say in. I am just encouraging you to set yourself up for as much success as possible. Plot your escape, plan for the best, and prepare for the worst. This is happening.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It’s reached epidemic proportions: a federal funding program rewarding state judges by the number and size of support orders manufactured in our nation’s divorce and family courts. It has escalated to a point where moms and dads have been forced to name a superior “custodial parent” even when they are self-sufficient, cooperative and opposed to “custody wars” in these courts.

Known as Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (Child Support Standards Act), billions of dollars in performance based funding is awarded to the states each year, effectively federalizing domestic relations, incentivizing lucrative conflict, injecting financial bias among  judges in favor of the state against its own citizens and creating a gold mine for lawyers, politicians and bureaucrats.

It is a well concealed epidemic protected by bar associations and special interests which has led to costly social problems, from an over medicated society to a nation with the most imprisoned population in the free world. This report explains how it has all occurred through extensive research and how our new administration can “drain the judicial swamp” in these courts.

After 23 years as a successful civil rights attorney, and another ten years advocating for reform, I completed this report not as an indictment of my profession, although my adversaries like to defame it that way, but only as it fails a moral obligation to reign in vast injuries inflicted upon innocent children and parents duped into believing this is a legitimate system of justice.

In this area of practice, Title IV-D has ushered in what I call “fictional justice.” It has turned these family tribunals, once labeled “kangaroo courts” by a Supreme Court Justice, into profit centers with an ever-diminishing concern for the true “best interests” of our children. Entire college funds have been drained by unscrupulous lawyers concocting needless issues for fee purposes.

Over the past two weeks I have been in Manhattan promoting this report for funding and government action. Copies have been submitted through various reliable contacts to top officials of the Trump Administration. It is also being submitted to a congressional oversight panel to supplement one reviewed in 2016 during the prior administration. It is highly valuable as an expert resource for court proceedings, public hearings and amicus briefs to support any Supreme Court writ on the subject of family rights against the states.

This is a trillion dollar industry which parents must join to fight for the sake of our children and future generations. Unfortunately, the victims continue to be fractured, surfing the net for incompetent free things, crying about ordeals for therapy to no one who cares, and engaging in delusional reforms from the comfort of their home keyboards. It’s no wonder the carnage is escalating.

If you would like a copy of this report, kindly make a financial contribution to our cause on this site. I am also looking for serious minded parent advocates to deliver copies to their local representatives in Congress so that a federal investigation can finally be launched.

I have been inundated with individual war stories over the years without compensation on the assumption that I am directing some kind of free legal aid society. We are about long overdue reform and welcome those who have something meaningful to offer, i.e. an investor, valuable service or D.C. rally.

Feel free to contact me direct at (315) 796-4000.